Nepeta meets Kankri in the dream bubbles, and doesn’t like him at first, but she sticks around because he reminds her of Karkat. Kankri likes her because she’s nice and listens to what he’s saying, even though he knows she’s only pretending to care, he still appreciates the gesture. Over time, Nepeta becomes discouraged because she thinks Karkat’s been avoiding her, which he has because a) she hangs out with Kankri b) he blames himself for her death. Nepeta thinks she’s being avoided because he doesn’t like her, and when Kankri finds out she’s upset they have a nice feelings jam type thing and become pretty close friends. MEANWHILE, Karkat’s been watching them grow closer and whenever Nepeta leaves, he approaches Kankri and yells at him for half an hour about “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST FUCKING LEAVE A POOR DEAD CATGIRL ALONE” and then Kankri lectures him about being polite and respecting people’s friendships, and after about the third time, Kankri says, “If y9u’re so upset a6out me talking t9 her all the time, why d9n’t Y9U g9 talk t9 her?” And then Karkat just splutters at him and storms away and has a really long spastic conversation with his future self, similar to the one he had with his future self about Terezi, then wakes up I guess. Next time he sleeps, he watches Kankri and Nepeta talk and laugh, and he thinks that she doesn’t miss him and starts to leave when he hears, “:33 < thats so funny karkitty— I mean, kankri! ” and then just for a second he sees her get a sad look on her face, but it goes away as fast as it had come. 

So he turns around, goes up to her, and says hi.

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